Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

Purple Warriors is a charity dedicated to the preservation and protection of the physical and mental
health of serving and retired members of HM Forces who have some form of physical or
psychological impairment as a result of their service. We do this by providing and assisting in the
provision of opportunities to take part in the sport of dragon boating.

Purple Warriors also aims to ensure the highest level of support to our beneficiaries, members and
their families, participants, visitors, and any other parties who have use of our services or have
contact with the charity. Please do let us know if you are happy with our services as we always
welcome positive and constructive feedback so we know how we can further assist our beneficiaries
and visitors and any other users of our services.

However, if you are unhappy with our services or any activities or person from the charity, we
encourage you to let us know so we can address any issue. Any person who has come into contact
with Purple Warriors may make a complaint or provide feedback. This includes beneficiaries of the
charity, any members, family members, partners or those who support the work of the Purple Warriors
through making donations or offering time as a volunteer. This policy defines the course of action for
any complaints relating to Purple Warriors, and how we will deal with the issue.

We shall ensure that all complaints are dealt with promptly and investigated effectively, so we can
conclude complaints in a way that is satisfactory to all those involved or affected..

All personal data provided to the charity as part of any complaints process, will be used to help us to
consider the complaint and find a solution. Any personal data of any person raising a complaint will
only be accessible to those who are examining the complaint and will not be used for any other

All data will be stored in a secure manner  and in accordance with the UK General Data Protection
Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.  Please see our privacy policy om our website at

Any service or support we provide to you will not be affected by making a complaint.

How to complain or provide feedback

You can submit your complaint or any comments to:
Sarah McBride, Secretary, 132A College Road, Bromley, BR1 3PF

Please state the nature of your complaint and we will aim to resolve your complaint as quickly as
possible. We will try to respond to your complaint within 10 working days unless the complaint is
complex. We will acknowledge complex complaints within 10 working days and aim to provide a
response within 14 working days.

Complaints and comments can be submitted either by letter, email or verbally.