Can I Really Do It?

Almost certainly, a resounding ‘yes’!

If it is possible and safe, we will provide support to help you paddle almost regardless of your degree of impairment.

If you’ve lost limbs, or lost the function of one or more of your limbs. No problem. Even though dragon boating is a paddling sport, we can probably sort you out provided you have one functional arm.

You are wheelchair-bound. So what? As long as you can get yourself onto the seat in the dragon boat (with or without help), you can paddle.

You are vision-impaired, or blind. Not an issue. Dragon boats paddle to the beat of a drum. Around the world there are numerous dragon boat teams that comprise only vision-impaired or blind paddlers.

You are hearing-impaired, even deaf. Easy. As long as you can see, you can pick up the timing from those in front of you.

You are suffering from PTSD or some other mental health or neurological issues. Who cares? We certainly don’t and you may even prove to be as powerful and strong as the best paddlers in the world.

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