How Will Things Work?

After the introductory sessions, Purple Warriors will commence in earnest. We will train regularly, at least once a week to begin with (on a weekend) then we’ll likely add another weekday evening session.

We will train at the three locations used for the introductory sessions. For those using Wraysbury, we should have enough people for a Purple Warriors session on our own.

For those who find Exeter or Stockton easier, you will join in with sessions run there by the local clubs (Exe-calibre and Powerhouse respectively). Both already have a military flavour: the Club Chairman for Exe-Calibre is a serving Royal Marine (Bernard Broadhurst), while one of the coaches at Powerhouse is ex Royal Engineers (Graham Butterfield). Mark Harding also trains with Powerhouse (see ‘A soldier’s story’).

When it comes to race days, one Purple Warriors team will form from the paddlers at the three locations.